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BlockPrints was created to offer a natural yet modern way to display your photos and images, by printing onto beautiful handcrafted and naturally sustainable wooden products.  Combining the natural beauty of wood with high quality UV printing technology, the results are art quality images that are totally unique. We offer a distinctive alternative to canvas, paper, or glass prints. 

We love the balance of the natural, earthy, soft gain of our wood that compliments the clean lines, smooth finish, and modern look of our hand-milled Block designs. Basswood was the obvious choice for us because of its fine, even texture, and its inconspicuous colour that really makes your photos or images pop. The UV resistant ink prints directly onto the wood, making your photos crisp and vibrant, while still maintaining the woods natural beauty.  An updated way to display your favourite memories.

The wood grain of each wood panel we use is unique, therefore each BlockPrint is unique. No two are alike. That’s pretty special :-)  Basswood has a modern look with even texture and fine grain, while still giving our blocks the character and personality of raw wood. Due to the milling process, and using natural wood products, please allow 0.5 inches of sizing difference on all of our blocks. If you are looking for an exact size, please contact us and we will make sure to choose the right block for you. The bottom of each BlockPrint is branded with a hot iron as a sign of authenticity.

We print using UV technology. UV printing is a comparatively new and unique digital printing method that uses UV lamps to instantly cure specially formulated UV inks that provides vivid, crisp images.  Because the inks can be cured immediately during the printing process there’s no need for drying, which significantly speeds up the production process. It also sets this technology apart from other digital printing methods, like solvents-based printing.  Plus, they do not need any warm-up time to cure inks, saving both time and energy. We use a new top of the line Roland VersaUV model which uses low temperature LED lamps. They are ozone-free and emit only UV-A light, making them safer and more energy-efficient than those used on more conventional UV printers.

People use our products for many things besides photos!  Drink menus for coffee shops/pubs, wifi password and business logo signs for your work, maps of Canada or the Periodic Table to teach students, your child's favourite artwork scanned and sent to us to put on a block, and so much more!

We use Canada Post and ship all our products.  Shipping is a flat rate of $15.00 per order within Canada.

If you have any questions, please contact us!

We do ship to the US and Internationally! Please use our checkout for an accurate shipping charge.

Don't worry if you are unsure of the photo quality.  We will contact you if the photo you've chosen is just not right before we print. Also, if sending directly from your phone, please make sure to choose "ACTUAL SIZE" (if asked) to ensure your photo will print at the highest quality.


We can process the most common image types. The types we accept are PDF, JPEG, TIFF, BMP, and PNG. Our preferred file type is JPEG, which produces excellent print results and efficient file sizes. If your image is in a different format than one of the above, please save it as one of the above formats before submitting to us. You can upload files up to 100 MB and/or 100MP in size.

We sure do! Please contact us at info@blockprints.ca to get more information. We love to work with other businesses and can do specialty orders that work for you.

BlockPrints really does make the perfect gift!

Don't know what to get that special someone for their birthday who seems to have everything? How about a personalized one of a kind Block with your photo on it, with a loving message on the back? 

Another popular idea is to scan original photos from old albums and do a high resolution scan so the photo can be printed on a block. Your parents/grandparents wedding photo, a memorable camping trip as a child, or countless other photos that we have in our old photo albums. These make the perfect personalized gift to give.

Another popular gift idea is photos of pets/ children/significant others printed on our small or medium blocks, to put beside someone's desk at work.

Please Contact us for any other questions